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Facing a Divorce? Put Experience and Expertise on Your Side. If you and your spouse have reached a point in your marriage where you have decided to file for divorce, it can be difficult to know how to take the first step. Our Fort Worth divorce attorneys have over 70+ years of experience and have been rated the best Divorce lawyers in DFW metroplex. 



It’s important that the key issues that need to be settled through your divorce are carefully examined and that you have an experienced advocate looking out for your best interest. Financial matters and how the shared responsibility of raising any minor children involved will be handled are typically the issues that can create the most conflict between you and your spouse.

Courts encourage spouses in a divorce to work together to try to settle these matters and make a plan for moving forward with their lives. However, it takes both parties willing to resolve issues to reach a settlement.

If either party (or their attorney) is not willing to work towards settlement, then aggressive and competent advocacy in a contested case is needed. Our experienced divorce attorneys exhaust all reasonable efforts to settle cases to avoid the time, expense, and stress of a contested trial. However, in the event a settlement is not possible, our attorneys provide well prepared and aggressive court room and litigation skills.


When two spouses decide to get divorced, The Texas Family Law Court encourages them to work together to make a plan to address key issues like child custody and asset division. While it can seem counter intuitive that you’re being asked to get along with the person you are divorcing, it really is in your best interest. Relying on the court to settle your disputes is expensive, time-consuming and does not always provide the favorable results divorcing spouses may have been hoping for. While it’s important that your rights are protected and you pursue what is fair, a little agreement can make the process go much more smoothly for everyone involved.


Aside from child custody, financial matters are typically the most contested issues. Arrangements need to be made for assets and their debts; for example, who will keep the house and cars, and who will make the monthly payments. If one spouse provided for the family financially while the other stayed home and took care of the kids, the spouse with an income will likely make spousal support or alimony payments to the other spouse. Determining exactly how much alimony will be paid relies on several different variables like level of education, age of children and work history.


Texas Family Law courts work under the principle that all decisions made should be in the best interest of any minor children involved. For the benefit any involved children, we encourage divorcing parents to keep an open line of communication with their children about what’s happening. Blaming and bad-mouthing the other parent creates an unstable and confusing environment for children. While we understand that people get divorced for good reasons, it’s important to protect your children from unnecessary emotional turmoil.


Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in the availability and advertising of “Do-It-Yourself” Divorce forms. While this can seem like a great idea in principle, these forms can be misleading and dangerous. Some do not comply with the standards of your county court. There are also forms that do not address all of the issues leaving important financial matters unresolved. There is no substitute for experience. You end up learning a lot about divorce going through the process, which is to say you know very little about it before you’ve gone through it. Don’t make a mistake that could cost you for years to come, rely on the experience and guidance of the divorce attorneys at The Hill & Skinner Law Firm.

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